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When a carpet ages it will start to look down trodden and lifeless. Using our carpet cleaning service and a combination of the latest cleaning techniques, along with the best cleaning chemicals for your carpet, will enable us to get your carpet looking almost as good as new again.

There are also some other hidden aspects to an uncleaned carpet, such as bacteria, dust mites and pollution from smoking etc. Your carpets act like a filter for your home, preventing particles becoming airborne. This is another important reason why your carpets need to be kept clean, in order for this filtering effect to be effecive, which is why we recommend getting them professionally cleaned between every 6 months to 18 months, depending on usage.

AG Cleaning is completely dedicated to providing a service that delivers our clients a home environment that is not only clean and presentable, but also healthy.

As well as carpet cleaning we also clean rugs and upholstery. For further details on all of our services please contact us by phone or our enquiry form.

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